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3 Types Of Personal Injury Cases

Posted on March 25, 2023

Personal Injury Lawyer


The term personal injury is a very broad field of law that includes several types of injuries. The term can be broken up into various kinds of accidents. Everything from car collisions to falling can all be personal injuries. Each kind of personal injury is different because of the different rules to follow, steps to claim, and different terms of compensation. What are the most common ones though? Below you’ll find the most common personal injuries that personal injury lawyers see.

Car Accidents and Collisions 

By far, the most common personal injury claim that comes through is car accidents. Each year millions of people are injured in car accidents. Most of these people end up filing a personal injury lawsuit to collect some compensation.

The cause of the accident could be drivers under the influence or careless drivers who are distracted by their phones. These accidents can prove to be fatal at times. Proving who is at fault in these cases should be left to the legal teams. 

Slip and Fall Accidents 

Slip and fall accidents can be deceptively dangerous. They can cause injuries to the neck, back, arms, legs, heads, and tail bones. Falls are the most common cause of brain injuries and hip fractures among the elderly.

Often after a slip-and-fall accident, the victims are forced to stay out of work for extended periods of time. Some of these victims end up with injuries that affect their whole lives. In these cases, filing for a personal injury claim is crucial. 

Medical Malpractice 

Medical malpractice for negligence by nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals can cause severe injuries to patients. Most medical malpractice claims arise when healthcare professionals fail to deliver competent care.

Now, it isn’t enough to file a claim just because you don’t like the doctor’s treatment. When malpractice happens, there are serious injuries that happen, and at times these could be fatal. These could be anything from surgical mistakes, birth injuries, a misdiagnosis that fails to meet the problem, improper treatment that causes more issues, and pharmacy errors.

Workplace Accidents 

Workplace personal injury cases are filed by employees who get injured on the job. These injuries could arise as a result of unsafe working conditions, malfunctioning equipment, or insufficient training. This type of claim is another common one as many of these claims happen from labor workers.

According to the laws, employers must provide benefits to their injured employees. The jobs with the highest number of workplace injuries include movers, nurses, trailer drivers, construction workers, and emergency medical workers.

Getting hurt is never something you expect to happen, and when it does, it can be devastating. If you have found yourself hurt, then reach out to a personal injury lawyer, for more information about what a lawyer can do to help you. Going at this alone doesn’t have to happen. A lawyer can be on your side as you do what you need to do to heal.

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