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Scottsdale Birth Injury Lawyer

Birth Injury Lawyer Scottsdale, AZ

Birth Injury Lawyer Scottsdale, AZNew parents are supposed to be enjoying the moments after their baby is born, but as a birth injury lawyer Scottsdale, AZ families trust from SL Chapman Trial Lawyers has seen, they may not be given this opportunity if a birth injury were to happen. Sometimes nurses, doctors, or other staff contributed to a birth injury, leaving parents in a state of devastation and dismay when they should be feeling joy and happiness. 

There are many signs of birth injury that parents should watch out for, some which may be immediately apparent, and others that may take a little bit longer to appear. Birth injuries may have been the result of medical negligence or malpractice. So if your newborn baby or growing young child is showing signs of a birth injury, we suggest contacting our law firm right now for support. 

As stated above, there are some signs of a birth injury that may show itself right away, and these tend to include:

  • Bruises, abrasions, or swelling of the face, shoulder, or head
  • Seizures that occur within 48 hours post delivery
  • A physical appearance that that lacks muscle strength 
  • Excessive drooling
  • Difficulty swallowing or eating
  • Seeming to favor one side of the body and not the other
  • A limited range of motion
  • An arm or side that appears limp
  • The newborn needing a breathing tube or CPR after delivery

There are also signs of a birth injury that may start to be noticeable months or years later. If you have observed any of these symptoms in your baby, we suggest reaching out to a Scottsdale birth injury lawyer now for some legal insight:

  • Not meeting growth milestones as normal for infants
  • Inability to crawl, sit up, or walk when they have reached the age to do so
  • Inability to completely control their leg or arm movements
  • Learning challenges or speech difficulties

If your newborn or infant is showing signs that they may have sustained a birth injury, it is strongly advised that you have them seen by a different doctor than the one that had assisted with the birth, and then reach out to our law firm for a case evaluation. Parents may be entitled to receive restitution for any negligence, mistakes, or oversights that the hospital or its staff may have committed. 

Parents should not hesitate and get legal advice because the longer that they wait, the more difficult it can be to build a case for birth injury malpractice. Keep in mind that if you file a complaint with the hospital before getting legal help, the hospital or its staff may purposefully alter or destroy paperwork as a way to avoid liability. A Scottsdale birth injury lawyer from the team at SL Chapman Trial Lawyers is ready and available to provide empathetic and strategic support to parents who are going through an anguishing time.

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