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Scottsdale Slip And Fall Lawyer

Slip And Fall Lawyer Scottsdale, AZ

Slip And Fall Lawyer Scottsdale, AZA slip and fall lawyer Scottsdale, AZ residents can rely on from SL Chapman Trial Lawyers has vast experience in all the ways that slip and fall incidents can happen. If you fell and were injured while on a cruise ship, you need a legal team that understands state, federal, and maritime law to effectively fight an injury claim (or wrongful death on behalf of surviving loved ones). If you were injured due to a slip and fall, or lost a loved one, while taking a cruise, please call our firm right now.

Cruise ship slip and fall accidents are nuanced in that they typically follow Maritime law, and sometimes international laws too. An example of one of these kinds of laws is the ability for a cruise line to insert special terms into their tickets. When you purchase your ticket, you are automatically agreeing to these terms. Usually the length of time you have to file a claim is much less than other personal injury claims; the average statute may be about six months to one year from the date of injury. 

A Scottsdale slip and fall lawyer can put their knowledge to work and assist you in getting results for your legal issues. Apart from potential initial jurisdiction issues, most cruise lines are registered in a foreign country. It is possible the law of that country could apply to your slip and fall injuries, and in some cases, be more favorable to the cruise line. This factor can create a number of obstacles for a legal team that is not familiar with how to handle slip and fall cases on cruise lines.

Chances are, your ticket contract has been written by very good lawyers who work with the cruise line. Sometimes these contracts are so well written that they eliminate full liability in the event of an injury or death. It is prudent you retain a lawyer who understands adhesion and exculpatory language within the ticket contract. Being familiar with the laws and verbage can make a difference in your ability to recover compensation. In addition to this language, your ticket contract may include details such as:

  • A requirement for injured passengers to provide a notice of the accident within 120 to 180 days.
  • A short period of time to file a claim; usually within one year. 
  • Mandatory jurisdiction as to where you can file the claim.

If you miss these deadlines or requirements, you risk your case being dismissed. There are exceptions to these rules, and a good lawyer should be able to identify them and litigate these provisions. You can rely on a Scottsdale slip and fall lawyer from our team to assist you, so please call us at SL Chapman Trial Lawyers now to book a consultation with us. 


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