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Product Liability

Product liability refers to the liability of any or all parties along the chain of manufacture of any product for damage caused by that product.  This can include the manufacturer of component parts, an assembling manufacturer, the wholesaler, and the retail store owner.

Product liability laws are difficult for plaintiffs to successfully navigate.  Our experienced product liability attorneys focuses on this complex area of law and helps clients proceed with meritorious claims.  We have a dedicated staff who keep product liability developments up to date.  We possess the skill and knowledge needed to prove defective product injuries and hold manufacturers of those products responsible.

Our firm has successfully handled defective product cases involving a variety of consumer products. Some common product liability cases include:

  • Defective car parts
  • Dangerous household products
  • Dangerous work equipment
  • Defective healthcare equipment
  • Defective toys and children’s products
  • Third party liability injury claims

Product defect litigation can be complicated and highly complex, requiring the attention of seasoned lawyers with superior resources and experience.  Our firm maintains relationships with respected professionals that can help us fully evaluate and support your claim.  When you have been injured as a result of dangerous or defective product, we can help you pursue a liability and personal injury claim.

There are many products on the market that should not be.  They can be defective a number of ways including:

  • Poor design
  • Manufactured in a defective way
  • Inadequately labeled

In most cases, the injured party is allowed to recover financial compensation from the manufacturer and/or seller of the product.  Since there can be multiple parties held liable for a defect.  It is important that the individual handling your product liability claim understand the different type of claims available to be filed by your state law’s different rules and regulations.

There are three types of product cases:

  1. Negligence – the claimant must show that carelessness in the design or manufacture of the product led to his or her injuries. The injured party first must demonstrate that the defendant had a duty to see a safe product. The consumer then must show that the defendant breached this duty.  A “breach of duty” can be shown if the plaintiff can prove that the defendant knew or should have known that the product was defective. The plaintiff must also prove that the defective product caused their injuries.
  2. Strict Liability – Almost all products liability cases are pursued under the theory of strict liability. The injured party is only required to prove that a defect in a product exists and that an injury was sustained as a result.  If a defect exists, the manufacturer may be strictly liable for any resulting damages, regardless of whether they exercised extreme caution and care when manufacturing the product.
  3. Breach of Warranty – when a good is sold, there are two warranties the buyer relies on:
  • Express Warranty – any representation about the product and its safety made by the manufacturer or retailer.
  • Implied Warranty – an implied promise by the manufacturer (or other liable party) that the product, if used as intended, will not cause any harm.

The experienced attorneys at SL Chapman have the knowledge to properly evaluate your injury and determine if your claim involves strict liability, negligence, or a breach of warranty.  Our attorneys will aggressively seek out all of the responsible parties for your injury and charge them appropriately.

If you suspect you have been injured due to one of these types of product liability, be sure to contact an experienced attorney at SL Chapman Law today.  Laws considering product liability are complicated; you need someone who understands the types of product liability and can help you get the compensation you deserve.  Call us today at 800-550-2106 for a free legal consultation regarding your defective product case.

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