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Securities Litigation

We have successfully represented individual investors with claims against brokers and brokerages. When your broker loses your money in investments that were unsuitable for your risk level or misleads you into believing an investment is a lower risk than it actually is, you have a claim for broker misconduct or even broker fraud.

When you make investment decisions based on information supplied to you by your broker, and that information turns out to be misleading or fraudulent, you have the right to seek recovery of money you lost.

Investing in financial markets has risks and unpredictability, but working with your broker should not be risky or unpredictable. It is your broker’s fiduciary duty to help you protect your investment and guide you to opportunities that correspond with the level of risk you are willing to accept.

Whenever a broker helps you buy or sell an investment, the broker receives a commission, whether you make or lose money. Repeatedly buying and selling investments in order to generate commission is a practice called “stock churning.” If you have been the victim of churning, we can help you recover money you lost as a result.

We protect the rights of investors.  Our lawyers have obtained over $700 million dollars in verdicts, settlements and other benefits on behalf of our clients.  Our philosophy is simple.  We make it our mission to provide you with the most aggressive, efficient, and effective representation possible.  We accomplish this by investing in talented, dedicated and multi-dimensional professionals and arming them with cutting-edge technology.

If you believe that you have been the victim of any improper conduct, please call our office today at 800-550-2106 for a free legal consultation to investigate your situation and analyze your rights and remedies.

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AZ: 480.418.9100
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