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“I truly hope that you continue to fight for the little people ….”  Andrew D.

“My lawsuit against the railroad came to a speedy and satisfying conclusion. The hard work and determination that Brad showed throughout the handling of my lawsuit really paid off in the end. I know that the final outcome would not have been the same if I had gone somewhere else. The firm truly cares about people and their families. A lot of people were out of work due to the strike at Olin and the lawyers and staff came though with a toy drive and food drive for the striking union members and their families.”  Buddy S.

“I was amazed at the amount of details involved …. Rob was wonderful to work with and instilled confidence every step of the way. I always felt he was guiding me with compassion and wisdom that allowed me to trust him. … I really appreciate the efforts of everyone involved. I feel my settlement was quite fair and am happy with the outcome. Thank you to everyone for taking this journey with me.”  Karen M.

“When I was injured working on the river, I chose the firm because I had heard they specialized in cases for the people working on towboats. I am very pleased with the way they handled my case and would recommend them to anyone who has been injured working on the river. They were always there for my family and I throughout my case.”  Melvin D.

“It was an extremely stressful time for my family. Everyone from the receptionist to my attorney showed genuine concern for my family, especially my mother. By the firm’s thorough research we were able to win. It has made a difference in the care of other people at the nursing home.”  Edith S.

“I found the firm to be a very professional and dedicated group of individuals who always kept me well informed as to the progress of my case. In my opinion, they are first-rate!!”  Larry U.

“I am very grateful to the SL Chapman LLC law firm for standing up for the consumer.  I know they put a lot of time and dedication in their efforts to protect us.”  Bertha L.

“I am a Hurricane Katrina victim.  At the time … I was just getting my head above water from the financial status that I was in from Hurricane Katrina.  … I felt financially drained and emotionally spent.  There were times I would just cry about the financial and emotional stress I was under ….  I am ecstatic about the settlement.  … SL Chapman has been great. … I cannot thank them enough.”  Joy B.

“Thank you so much for working on this for me.  It was truly a blessing and I really appreciate your work on my behalf.”  Diana E.

“Glad you are fighting for our consumer rights.”  Darryl A.

“I … am thankful for the excellent service ….” Bruce W.

“I am very happy with SL Chapman LLC.” Shannon S.

“I am disabled, and I have two disabled children.  … SL Chapman LLC ha[s] been very helpful.” Joanna L.

“I … am thankful for all of the fantastic efforts ….”  Ray R.

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AZ: 480.418.9100
MO: 314.387.5900