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5 Ways You Can Limit Distracted Driving

Posted on January 9, 2022

Car Accident Lawyer

Nearly every driver has been responsible for some form of distracted driving at least once in their life. Technically, anything that takes your attention off the road may constitute distracted driving; for example, even billboards can distract a driver. However, some forms of distracted driving are worse than others, like texting while driving. We’ll explore five ways you can limit distracted driving. 

Put the Phone Away

Perhaps the best way to limit distracted driving is by putting the phone away. The fact is, having your phone nearby means you’ll be too tempted to use it. However, checking your notifications the moment you hear your ringtone or feel it vibrate can end up putting your life at risk. Instead, you should turn your phone off and place it inside your glovebox. If you do need to make a call, pull off to the side of the road to do so. 

Give Yourself Plenty of Time Beforehand

There’s nothing worse than oversleeping in the morning and discovering you’ll be late for work if you don’t hurry. When you’re running late, you might be tempted to multitask while driving, like eating your breakfast or doing some basic grooming. However, doing so can be a recipe for disaster. Instead, make sure you have enough time before you need to go somewhere. 

Make Sure You’re in the Right State of Mind

We’re so used to driving our cars that we forget that we’re operating heavy machinery. Thus, you only want to drive when you’re in the right state of mind or mood. For example, driving after a big argument or when you’re tired can cause an accident. Likewise, if you feel like you had one too many drinks when meeting up with friends, then it’s probably better to call a cab. 

Explore Other Forms of Travel

While we live in a country that’s heavily dependent on being able to drive, other forms of transportation do exist. If you’re not feeling like driving one morning, then there’s no shame in exploring other modes of transportation. Taking a cab or calling an Uber or Lyft is the most convenient, but you can also explore public transportation to save money. While taking other forms of transportation can take longer, you won’t need to worry about feeling distracted, which can come in handy on a day when you’re not quite feeling like yourself. 

Be Careful About Who You Travel With 

You may have the best group of friends in the world, but know if they all get into the same car together, that’ll be chaos. Likewise, you may have family members who get really loud, such as rowdy children. For these reasons, you may not feel comfortable traveling with certain people—at least if you’re the one driving. Setting some ground rules and having a passenger help supervise can make this process easier. If you do get into an accident, you’ll want to work with a car accident lawyer from our friends at Morales Law Firm

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