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An Introduction To Premises Liability

Posted on August 14, 2022

Personal Injury Lawyer

Premises liability accidents happen when they are least expected. When the incident results in injury, damage to personal property, or loss of life, victims and their families have the right to explore options for legal action against those who are liable. One duty of a personal injury lawyer in a premises liability context is proving liability on behalf of the person demonstrating negligent behaviors. Negligent practices in and around a premises can cause injuries, damages, or even loss of life if left unchecked.

Slip and Fall

When a visitor to a property owned by another person, business, or group slips, trips, or falls and is subsequently injured, the personal injury claim will likely be classified as a slip and fall. Such claims often depend on a careful examination of premises local and state liability laws as they pertain to the plaintiffs complaint. Premises liability law is a legal concept that holds property owners to their duty to ensure their property is reasonably safe for visitors or that they are to adequately warn visitors of the presence of potential hazards. 

The Roles and Responsibilities of a Personal Injury Lawyer

Through careful consideration of facts, evidence, and witness testimony, a personal injury lawyer works to help clients with premises liability claims pursue and obtain a financial award for damages sustained as a result of negligent behaviors of another, by means of a civil lawsuit. Personal injury lawyers such as those at Hall-Justice specialize in specific types of personal injury claims. 

Qualities a Personal Injury Lawyer Must Possess

A personal injury lawyer should be able to demonstrate that they possess a thorough understanding of premises liability laws pertaining to the locality where the incident occurred. Additionally, the lawyer that is selected should be transparent, communicative, empathetic, and assertive when necessary. Ideally the lawyer that is hired should practice and have experience in the area where the incident occurred, as premises liability laws vary widely based on locality.

Common Personal Injury Cases Involving Premises Liability

Personal injury cases involving premises liability can arise from a wide range of scenarios and situations. Common scenarios include the following:

  • slip and fall cases
  • snow and ice related accidents and injuries
  • inadequate premises maintenance
  • defective conditions or construction on premises
  • inadequate premises security leading to injury or assault
  • elevator and escalator related accidents
  • dog bites
  • swimming pool accidents
  • amusement park accidents
  • fire
  • water leaks and flooding
  • ventilation issues involving toxic fumes or chemicals

The scenarios that lead to initiation of a premises liability claim are widely various, that is why it is best to first consult with a local lawyer that specializes in premises liability before reaching any conclusions about the validity of your complaint. It truly doesn’t hurt to ask a professional!

When to Act?

There are laws known as statute of limitations that impose a fairly strict time limit in which a complaint is valid and can be filed. The sooner action is taken the better. Be sure to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible following the occurrence of the incident to discuss the details of the situation.

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