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Inside an Auto Case Arbitration

Posted on August 15, 2021

Here’s a look into a real arbitration of a client’s Underinsured Claim against the not so good hands people at Allstate. My client was injured in a motor vehicle accident, injured a knee, requiring a torn meniscus arthroscopic repair, and also has disc injuries in his neck. In this case, Allstate had a defense medical expert do a records review, he never examined my client, who and as expected gave an opinion that my client had no injuries to the spine. The gives you a glimpse into how we prepared to take down Allstate’s frivolous defense..

The MRI in the video shows the levels of the spine at C2-3, C3-4, C4-5, C6-7, those were basically the levels that were at issue in this case. C3-4 was the chief problem area according to the surgeons. We put together a nice presentation that really showed how far out on a limb Allstate’s doctor was willing to go. Watch the video and you’ll see the injury for yourself on the MRI. In the end, we were able to say to the arbitrators that Allstate’s doctor didn’t see what is obvious on film. Of course, he saw it! He just did what he was paid to do and ignored the MRI.

This was a big team effort, even in an arbitration, because there’s a big brief that gets filed with all the arbitrators, along with all the exhibits, medical records, and supporting medical bills, wage loss and non-economic losses for pain and suffering and loss of normal life. In this particular case, we’d agreed to submit everything on paper and then do a quick argument.

Allstate offered $0 to resolve the case and the arbitrators awarded $187,500 for our client. It was a great day for the Champions For The Injured team. And most importantly, our client.

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